Rodney Marks Corporate comedian and corporate imposter

Rodney Marks

Corporate comedian, hoax speaker, corporate impostor

Rodney is a comedian for business events, a comedy hoax speaker, a corporate impostor. He delivers tailored jokes, gentle roasts, post-truth waffle, corporate double-talk and shaggy dog stories. See Rodney’s blog for examples.

The main-stage component of Rodney’s comedy lasts about 30 minutes, but can be 20 minutes to an hour, and is agreed upon beforehand. A breakfast or lunch comedy keynote is often 20 minutes, a comic hoax seminar is up to an hour, and an after-dinner humorous spoof is 30 to 45 minutes. These times include a Q&A session.

Rodney is a genuine fake expert. His comedy teases out distinctions betweens real experts and real quacks. He puts the tease into expertise.

Rodney’s mock keynotes are the tip of the iceberg for each comedy performance. Frequently in character for four hours/half a day, often for a whole day, and sometimes for multiple days, Rodney’s infiltration and embedment are unique.

Rodney’s unique selling propositions

  1. Infiltration and embedment: No other comedian anywhere in the world, performing in any language, is in character so deeply or for so long, as a corporate impostor. Each conversation and interaction is a small comedy performance, understood as such after the comic hoax is revealed, and remembered and talked about for years.
  2. Rodney’s comedy is corporate. That is: it’s clean; it uses management language to make fun of management language; it’s informed; and it’s unique for each audience.
  3. Oh yeah … we almost forgot … he’s funny.