Recent testimonials

Happy customers!

Job very well done — thanks, Rodney. My family and guests loved you. A couple asked me afterwards: “Was that guy really a lawyer?”.

I have this strange feeling that we will meet again.

All the best with your incredible career.


Michael Bucknell

Special event - 12 February 2023, Special event, Melbourne

The night was a huge success.
Carlie Porteous, General Manager

Thanks for the laughs, it got me through!
Terese Adams, Administration and Project Support

20 Year Anniversary & Hall of Fame Dinner, Traralgon, Victoria, 10 November 2022, Australian Forest Contractors Association, AUSTimber

Convincing, engaging & simply great fun. A must-have part of your next corporate event.
Anthony Ward, Bid Director

Great performance!
Megan Pullen, Bid Admin

Kick-off dinner, Sydney, 10 October 2022, Serco

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for today! It was an enormous success, and definitely made everyone’s day/week/lockdown!

We will absolutely recommend and share your contact details with friends whose companies are looking for some light amusement and professional entertainment.

Corporate investment client event - 20 August 2021

The event went really well, and you definitely brightened up everyone’s day and lifted peoples spirits in lock down.

Corporate investment client event - 20 August 2021

The FMC ANZ Leadership team had a surprise visit from Prün Dåenisch last week. He may not have delivered on our anticipated business insights, but he sure gave us a good laugh!!

I met Rodney Marks (aka Prün Dåenisch) a few years ago at a business event and noticed recent social media on comedians finding it extremely tough at the moment. What a better time for some light hearted humour than now! Between intense working hours during COVID and the “heaviness” we all carry during these uncertain times!

I declare myself a very satisfied customer of the Prün Dåenisch manufacturing plant….thanks for leaving us chuckling throughout the day!!

Kristina Hermanson – Managing Director – ANZ
FMC Corporation Microsoft Teams meeting, 15 July 2020

It was fun, really fun. I would do it all again next weekend if I could. The printer and shredder being “co-located” still has me laughing.

Jeffrey Wilkinson – Executive Officer, Australian Veterinary Association, Royal Pines, Gold Coast, 29 October 2018

They were still talking about you today, a big hit! Thanks.

Marina Fronek – General Manager Channels and Alliances, Hewlett-Packard – Pt. Leo Estate, Mornington Peninsula VIC,  13 November 2018

It was a great night and we really appreciate you helping to make it so memorable. I could tell a lot of customised work went into it. I’ll be sure to pass it on to the board, including the life-size trophy (the Club President)!!

Ben Osborne – General Manager, City of Sydney Basketball Association, Albert Palais Grand Ballroom, Sydney, 12 October 2018

It was such a treat to see you as you and watch you perform in character. You were very funny and I loved your piece and you handled yourself superbly. Doing a piece that requires concentration in a room full of people who were getting looser by the moment – yikes! You were great!

Jean Kittson, comedian – emcee Rainmaker, The Ivy, Sydney, 14 June 2018

You were a hit. Everyone is still talking about your wonderful performance.

David Bell – CEO, Crosby Textor

Rodney, I think the invoice is a fake but we’ll pay it anyway. Great work.

PS: I’ve read you’re book too (Funny Business: Management Unmasked). It depressed me. I’ll never be as funny as you. Thanks for everything.

Yaron Finkelstein – Chief Executive Officer, Crosby Textor

C|T Group (Crosby|Textor), Lilianfels, Katoomba, 26 May 2018

It was a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed it. Some will now look upon me with suspicion and one has warned me to watch my back 🙂

Tony Saliba – Director, International Key Accounts, Health Systems ASEAN Pacific, Singapore
Philips, The Fairmont, Leura, 11 April 2018

Thanks again for your great performance.

JB (Jan-Baptiste) Claray – Administrative Coordinator, Executive Programs, Executive MBA, University of Sydney Business School, HC Coombs Centre, Reserve Bank, Sydney, 14 February 2018

“That was so funny, I had to borrow my girlfriend’s puffer. I thought I was going to die!”

Sue Johnston – Account Management, Support, Sofico Services Australia.  27 May 2015