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I’d like to thank Rodney Marks for sharing his great wit at a private function Emma Rusher and I held at home recently. Rodney came dressed as a tradesman, and spent some time wandering around the house looking at stuff and asking questions. ‘It’s hard to get good help these days,’ we said. Most of what he said is either inappropriate for LinkedIn, or wouldn’t work in this context, but I will share this line (which I do not endorse): “A marketer and a journalist is an interesting partnership. Do you know what you call a bad marketer? A journalist. Do you know what you call a bad journalist? An editor.” Thanks Rodney for making us all laugh.

Aaron Patrick (Linkedin post)


Hey Rodney, thanks so much for your performance on Saturday. It was hilarious and we got heaps of positive feedback. We really appreciate your work.

Emma and Aaron, SMS

Private event - 24 February 2024, Sydney

Job very well done — thanks, Rodney. My family and guests loved you. A couple asked me afterwards: “Was that guy really a lawyer?”.

I have this strange feeling that we will meet again.

All the best with your incredible career.


Michael Bucknell

Special event - 12 February 2023, Melbourne

The night was a huge success.
Carlie Porteous, General Manager

Thanks for the laughs, it got me through!
Terese Adams, Administration and Project Support

20 Year Anniversary & Hall of Fame Dinner, Traralgon, Victoria, 10 November 2022, Australian Forest Contractors Association, AUSTimber

Convincing, engaging & simply great fun. A must-have part of your next corporate event.
Anthony Ward, Bid Director

Great performance!
Megan Pullen, Bid Admin

Kick-off dinner, Sydney, 10 October 2022, Serco

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for today! It was an enormous success, and definitely made everyone’s day/week/lockdown!

We will absolutely recommend and share your contact details with friends whose companies are looking for some light amusement and professional entertainment.

Corporate investment client event - 20 August 2021

The event went really well, and you definitely brightened up everyone’s day and lifted peoples spirits in lock down.

Corporate investment client event - 20 August 2021

The FMC ANZ Leadership team had a surprise visit from Prün Dåenisch last week. He may not have delivered on our anticipated business insights, but he sure gave us a good laugh!!

I met Rodney Marks (aka Prün Dåenisch) a few years ago at a business event and noticed recent social media on comedians finding it extremely tough at the moment. What a better time for some light hearted humour than now! Between intense working hours during COVID and the “heaviness” we all carry during these uncertain times!

I declare myself a very satisfied customer of the Prün Dåenisch manufacturing plant….thanks for leaving us chuckling throughout the day!!

Kristina Hermanson – Managing Director – ANZ
FMC Corporation Microsoft Teams meeting, 15 July 2020

It was fun, really fun. I would do it all again next weekend if I could. The printer and shredder being “co-located” still has me laughing.

Jeffrey Wilkinson – Executive Officer, Australian Veterinary Association, Royal Pines, Gold Coast, 29 October 2018

They were still talking about you today, a big hit! Thanks.

Marina Fronek – General Manager Channels and Alliances, Hewlett-Packard – Pt. Leo Estate, Mornington Peninsula VIC,  13 November 2018

It was a great night and we really appreciate you helping to make it so memorable. I could tell a lot of customised work went into it. I’ll be sure to pass it on to the board, including the life-size trophy (the Club President)!!

Ben Osborne – General Manager, City of Sydney Basketball Association, Albert Palais Grand Ballroom, Sydney, 12 October 2018

It was such a treat to see you as you and watch you perform in character. You were very funny and I loved your piece and you handled yourself superbly. Doing a piece that requires concentration in a room full of people who were getting looser by the moment – yikes! You were great!

Jean Kittson, comedian – emcee Rainmaker, The Ivy, Sydney, 14 June 2018

You were a hit. Everyone is still talking about your wonderful performance.

David Bell – CEO, Crosby Textor

Rodney, I think the invoice is a fake but we’ll pay it anyway. Great work.

PS: I’ve read you’re book too (Funny Business: Management Unmasked). It depressed me. I’ll never be as funny as you. Thanks for everything.

Yaron Finkelstein – Chief Executive Officer, Crosby Textor

C|T Group (Crosby|Textor), Lilianfels, Katoomba, 26 May 2018

It was a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed it. Some will now look upon me with suspicion and one has warned me to watch my back 🙂

Tony Saliba – Director, International Key Accounts, Health Systems ASEAN Pacific, Singapore
Philips, The Fairmont, Leura, 11 April 2018

Thanks again for your great performance.

JB (Jan-Baptiste) Claray – Administrative Coordinator, Executive Programs, Executive MBA, University of Sydney Business School, HC Coombs Centre, Reserve Bank, Sydney, 14 February 2018

“That was so funny, I had to borrow my girlfriend’s puffer. I thought I was going to die!”

Sue Johnston – Account Management, Support, Sofico Services Australia.  27 May 2015