Here ends the episodic publication of The Management Contradictionary (Benjamin Marks, Rodney Marks, and Robert Spillane. Michelle Anderson Publishing: Melbourne) … not with a whimper, not with a bang, but with a full stop.

It’s available in all good libraries, and quite a few bad ones, too. The book is in alphabetical order, so feel free to keep reading the blog posts – past, present and future – from eh? to zzz.

The Management Contradictionary defines the real meaning behind management terms.

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It’s a dictionary.


We’ll talk about this later.


Here we have about 20,000 words, many of them different. There are also a few numbers, reflecting our mathematical mellifluousness. Hopefully, the content is readable and the format acceptable. For example, among other things, we have tried to put all parenthetic thoughts where they belong.

Also, because our writing is usually a bit messy, we spent a long time handtyping, with correct syntax, grammar and stuff, all for your reading pleasure.

It is a given in this work that meaningless, non-descriptive words are onomatopoeic, and that those words which only have phonetic meaning sound just as they are said. Proof: the word “spot” is vacuous, and is like the sound that a spot makes.


Like words and phrases, these are hard to define.


  1. Look both ways before you cross the road.
  2. Invest in gold.
  3. Group things in threes.

Editorial committee

Affirmative action:  Marietta Mann

Agriculture:  Sandy Playnz, Beau Vine

Astronomy:  Buck McCluster

Aviation:  Aaron Orticle

Chemistry:  Dan Gerus

Comedy theory:  Hugh Moore

Corporate governance:  Haydn de Mudd, Rudy Koulis, Perry Pheral

Economics:  I.T. de Pendes

Electrical engineering:  Anton de Mitteran

Finance:  Rhet Eyerment, Seymour Mahoney, Adam Marp

Food technology:  André Mayne de Zërt

Futurist studies:  Thom Morrow

Gaming:  Jacques Podt

Genealogy:  Charlie Sarnt, Bob Zyrunkl

Government:  Beau Rocraci

Holistic research:  Jan Ited

Hospitality:  Rob de Geste, Alf Resco

Housing:  Mort Gauge, Ulysses Voyd

Information Technology:  Artur Pfischel

International affairs:  Haydn Zich

Knowledge management:  Noel Hedge

Leadership:  Mike Bleave, Harry Diculus, Dick Tait

Legal studies:  Laura Byding

Logistics:  Frank de Poeste

Management:  Lou Dicrus, Lou Natick, Lulu

Management consulting:  Matt Ricks, Val Yuad

Marketing:  Chris Tallein

Mathematics:  Cal Kyulaszn

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) sector:  Motti Veight

Military history:  Gen. Al Rounder, Admiral Rusty Stern

Mining:  Doug Macquarie, Phil Macquarie, Rich Vain

Museum studies:  Art Easte

Not-for-profit management:  Phil Anthropei, Al Truism

Organisational behaviour:  Seren Dipitee, Shelby Wright

Philosophy:  Rayson Detra

Pluralism:  Juan Sidednesc

Political science:  Con Volluted

Psychology:  Guy Dance

Publishing: Lex Icon, Dick Schonery, Eddie Torriolle

Standards:  Ben Schmuck

Systems management:  Cec Temik

Transport:  Kerasch Dumhi, Ilya Ford

Water and waste management:  Phillip de Poule, Sue Ridge

Work-life balance:  Candida Cockburn, Pauly Dunbuy

Further reading



The Generic typeface used in this volume is the work of Fontov Wisdom, the noted Eastern European fine artist, radical calligrapher and thief. The Generic font is based on the classical English alphabet prior to before the introduction of vowels being introduced in 1066. It is strongly influenced by the painterly style of pre-Raphaelite public transport graffitists, whereby each letter flows to the other, and each word connects fluidly with the sentence structure. The decisive clarity is reminiscent of the Mauritius dodo quill that Wisdom used in his famous mural inside the Moscow pissoire.


The caustic text is printed on acid-free paper, for balance. The paper is made from mostly -recycled toilet paper, which, in turn, was made from old growth Radiata pine, grown in shallow soil above sea level in south-west Tasmania. Its subtle aroma has been known to seduce bookworms, bibliophiles and lexicographers into purchasing softcover first editions, when normally they would order a copy via inter-library loan.

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So, that’s the form.

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