You don’t need a ton of knowledge to play a bigger game. Here’s a tonne of keywords to help you on your way. Play buzzword bingo with 100 examples of clear gibberish, garbled gobbledygook and today’s clich├ęs from the fantasy worlds of Strategy, Management and Leadership.

Strategy buzzword bingo

  1. alliance, big picture, brainstorming, case studies, caveat, market entry, business ethics, management fad
  2. fit, game plan, game theory, gamification, gap analysis, corporate governance, high-level, intellectual, intelligence
  3. partnering, reduction, re-purposing, restructuring, strategic (etcetera), synergy, value stream, visioning.

Management buzzword bingo

  1. benchmark, best practice, capability, catalyst, change, dotted line, downsizing, effective
  2. efficient, empowerment, environment, feedback, flexibility, granularity, heads up, high-quality
  3. infrastructure, scaffolding, insourcing, matrix, megadigm, model, multimedia, next level, offline
  4. offshoring, onshoring, org chart, org tree, outsourcing, paradigm, presenteeism, preward
  5. proactive, responsibility, results-driven, rightsizing, schadenfreude, scope creep, self-managed, shift
  6. silos, templatised, traction, transparency, values, vision, win-win, world class, global reach

Leadership buzzword bingo

  1. adhocracy, chaos, collaboration, consultation, continuous, dialogue, direction, discourse
  2. empty suit, role holder, excellence, fast track, functional, herding cats, integrated, knowledge, leverage
  3. mindset, organisation, rankism, strategic business process re-engineering, reinvention, responsive, robust, stress, thought leadership.

When you hear one buzzword too many, shout ‘Bingo!’ and go home.

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