Clarification1 with footnotes2

The3 remarkable4 thing5 about6


Is8 its9 arbitrariness,10

For11 as soon as12 we13 probe14 life,15

places,16 time17

We’re18 bound19 to find20 no21


  1. Of course, a title doesn’t entitle the reader, only what’s read.
  2. Like this one.
  3. When I say ‘the’, I’m being subjective, of course. ‘An’ might garner more of a consensus.
  4. The proof of its being remarkable is that I am remarking on it now.
  5. A weak sleeper of a word, I know. However, when generalising, I like to. It is also a neat and acceptable collocation for its adjective.
  6. Concerning, isn’t it?
  7. I’m trying here, to exact meaning.
  8. Is is what it is.
  9. It’s hard to be relatively possessive.
  10. The world is so unjust. Just so.
  11. Here we imply a causal relationship.
  12. Immediacy depends on where you start from. And when.
  13. Be embraced by the all-embracing.
  14. We have space to.
  15. To define the meaning of life in a footnote would be so demeaning to an ancient history of philosophy.
  16. The special is oh so important …
  17. … but not compared to the temporal.
  18. Not the royal plural but our shared humanity.
  19. Our destiny has us tied up.
  20. The possible discoveries for non-adventurers are limited to the theoretical.
  21. Yep, the party line is that there’s a complete absence.
  22. Here we have a footnote about a margin note.

…   …   …   …   …

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