1. Deciding on the date when Modern History begins and Ancient History ends ensures that you’re not on the wrong side of history.
  2. What’s the difference between a drama degree and a theatre degree? Centrelink.
  3. Can you be a visiting professor of tourism?
  4. Is a Bachelor of Gender Equality the definition of irony or irony deficiency?
  5. I started off multidisciplinary, was interdisciplinary momentarily and ended up trans-disciplinary. I should have been more disciplined.
  6. How do continuing education students know when to graduate?
  7. Why do law students do combined degrees? So they’ve got something to fall back on.
  8. Why don’t they teach med students from midnight till dawn?
  9. Why do engineering students need to specialise? I’d feel safer if they’d generalise.
  10. If our guys go to military academies, and their guys go to military academies, shouldn’t we just throw the book at them?

© Rodney Marks, 2017.

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