1. I tell Dad jokes. He likes them.
  2. Memory’s a big thing at my age. I sometimes forget to put the what’samacallit in the thingamybob so whosit has to use the whatsit in the thingamajig instead, and what’shisface, who does diddleysquat on his thingo thingy, reckons what’shername’s even worse.
  3. I never swear. Even under oath.
  4. I wear a suit because it’s deductible. Seinfeld deducts coffee. And cars.
  5. My comedy is for Aficionados. Other bikies don’t get it.
  6. You’re pedantic if you undo the bold in the blank space between tabs.
  7. You’re pedantic if you delete your history from Google … Maps.
  8. I’m not sure if pedantic is quite the right word.
  9. Have you ever noticed observational comedy?
  10. It’s not pretentious for me to use Latin. I’m just remembering the language of my youth. His name’s Vito.

© Rodney Marks, 2017

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Rodney Marks

I am an Australian comedian, comedy hoax speaker and corporate impostor. I present comic hoax keynotes at business events. If you like these blogs, you’ll like my live comedy. If you don’t like these blogs, you still might like my live comedy.

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