The real trick to sounding smart in business is mastering three-word management terms. Select a word from each of the three paragraphs below. This innovative process will create a three-word description of a project or a management theory. No-one can remember every possibility, but as a mnemonic, commit these lists to memory and your troubles will be over.

  1. alphanumeric, annual, creative, ethical, historic, integrated, parallel, resource, scheduled, workplace
  2. balance, design, distribution, finance, marketing, morale, non-profit, operations, planning, sales
  3. big data, development, forecast, initiative, market, network, output, process, review, solution.

You’ll have thousands of options to choose from. Colleagues, superiors and subordinates will admire your originality, hold your linguistic dexterity in their highest esteem, and look up to your adroit leadership style.

… … … … … … … … …