This list is part of an ongoing series of examples of my comic corporate impostor roles. If I show 10 at a time, there will be about 300 posts.

I have a database with more material, including client feedback, audio and video, and anecdotes. When working ‘live’, the performance often disappears into the ether.

Here are some examples of comedy hoaxes that I’ve presented, with topics, clients, venues and joke-name characters:

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The definition of optimism at Baring Securities: ironing five shirts on a Sunday night

Baring Securities

Offices of Baring Securities, Sydney

Bob Austin-Tillbrooke

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The Role, Nature and Influence of Costumed Characters on Australian Television and in Everyday Life

McDonald’s Family Restaurants

Stamford North Ryde

Austin Tillbrooke – Organisational psychiatrist and founder of the Corporate Psychiatry Clinic, Sydney

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Standards and Best Practice in Networking and Telecommunications: lessons from for Australia from the US and the UK


Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, Terrigal

Sol Uszun – Managing Director, Communications Standards Inc., Washington, DC

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An update on the writing of the history of Saint Peter’s College

Saint Peter’s Collegians, Adelaide

Royal Automobile Club, Sydney

Austin Tillbrooke – Professor of History, University of Adelaide

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Education for the 21st Century: Vocational, Classical, Entrepreneurial, or all of the above?

North Sydney Boys’ High School, at the school

Christopher Bond – Executive Officer, Sydney Office, National Institute for Credentialling Education (NICE), Commomwealth Department of Education

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The Motivated Lawyer: how to be wide awake to your feelings whilst meeting the personal and professional needs of others

Baker & McKenzie

Offices of Baker & McKenzie, Sydney

Art Leiber – President and CEO, Motivational Optimism Inc.

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The international recession, confidence as an economic indicator, and learned optimism as the key to motivation

Baker & McKenzie

Queen Victoria Building (QVB) Ballroom

Art Leiber – President and CEO, Motivational Optimism Inc.

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Paradigms for Microeconomic Reform of the Public Housing Sector: the Impact of the McMurtrie Inquiry

Cooperative Housing Societies’ Association

Newcastle Town Hall

Mort Gauge – renowned economist, and professor at the Graduate School of Management and the University of Western Australia

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Valuing Art for Investment Purposes: When Is Beauty Bankable?

Northholm School, Sydney, at the school

Terence Meacham Senior Curator – Art in its Social Context, NSW Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (the Powerhouse)

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The Next Level for the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Trust, at the Sydney Opera House

Hans von Weber Strauss – famous mid-European architect, and director of the architectural firm Himmel, Utzon und von Weber Strauss

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Rodney Marks

I’m an Australian comedian, comedy hoax speaker and corporate impostor. I present comic hoax keynotes at business events. If you like these examples of comic corporate hoaxes that I’ve perpetrated, you’ll like my live comedy. If you don’t like these blogs, you still might like my live comedy.

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