Top tips for justifying the unbelievable, and keeping your job after committing a minor misdemeanor:

  1. You think that the deal is pretty well sealed now that you’ve wined-and-dined the prospective client.
  2. You were covertly listening to your major competitor’s CEO – who was leading a strategy retreat at the same coffee shop – and you felt that industrial espionage was a higher priority than punctuality.
  3. You were stuck in an elevator, or in a traffic jam, or in a queue at the post office, or you were at the bank and it was held up and the police had to interview you.
  4. A fire alarm went off at your last appointment before lunch, and you were legally required to hang around for a head count.
  5. You were prepping for the blue sky/brainstorming afternoon seminar, by pre-loading with alcohol, caffeine, protein, sugar and other stimulants.

… … … … … …