You’re late for work. You need to improvise a reason. Like many ad-libs, you have a few justifications, alibis and tricks already pre-prepared, because you’re used to doing more with less.

  1. You attended the early morning funeral of your last boss.
  2. You applied mouth-to-mouth to a co-worker suffering hyperventilation at the pub after work yesterday The wrong impression was given and had to be explained at length over breakfast.
  3. You ran into your boss’s boss and spent a lot of time praising your boss. You didn’t want to leave out any details.
  4. You were awake all night writing a work report and didn’t realise that it was time to go to the office. And besides, it would have been disrespectful to have arrived before the boss.
  5. You were trying to find a better backronym to retrofit to the acronym ‘BS’. In the end, you had to be satisfied with Bloated Syntax.

…   …   …   …   …   …