How does management doubletalk define Creativity, and how does it differ from Innovation? Creativity is:

  1. the ability to think outside the square
  2. the capacity to invent the square
  3. the propensity to play with the sides of the square, thereby transmogrifying its squareness
  4. the obsession with a plethora of quasi-geometric metaphorical iterations, whilst evading productive and profitable work.


  • Hippopotamus (plural: hippopotamuses; hippopotami is wrong in three languages).

So much for Creativity per se. What’s Innovation then?

  1. Innovation is Creativity that you get paid for
  2. Innovation is Creativity that’s acceptable to engineers
  3. Innovation is Creativity for grown-ups
  4. Innovation is Creativity without government subsidy
  5. Innovation is Creativity. And vice versa. Get over it!

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