1. Social science isn’t very.
  2. What did the sociologist ask the anthropologist? ‘What did the sociologist ask the anthropologist?’. How did the anthropologist answer the sociologist? ‘There’s a better way to tell this joke’.
  3. If criminology students empathised, would it be a crime?
  4. What did the psychologist say to the psychiatrist? Nothing – he was too defensive, anxious, intimidated, jealous and conflicted.
  5. I look back at history … that’s the right direction.
  6. The creativity student said to the innovation student: ‘I think that rainbow is somewhere on the spectrum, but how do we know for sure?’. The innovation student replied: ‘I’ll tell you if you show me the colour of your money’.
  7. In the study of art: the artist gets the status, the teacher gets the money and the student gets the message.
  8. I like visual art. And non-visual. It’s the rest I don’t get.
  9. If you’re an empty book and a blank slate, and you study another language, will you still have nothing to say?
  10. Can there be literature without paper?

© Rodney Marks, 2017.

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