1. Never eat at a fish-and-chip shop next to an aquarium or a potato patch.
  2. Never dine at a sushi bar on a jetty.
  3. Never eat at a steak-house never to a rodeo.
  4. Never visit a dentist next to a cake shop.
  5. Never eat at a restaurant next to a dog pound.
  6. Never go to a pub next to a public toilet block.
  7. Never eat at a hospital next to a zoo.
  8. Never visit a doctor next to a cemetery.
  9. Never buy real estate from a submariner.
  10. Never go to a bank next to a casino.
  11. Never go to a comedy club next to an internet café.
  12. Never work next to a dole office.
  13. Never buy a car from a man in plaster.
  14. Never go to a vegan banquet next to a compost bin.
  15. Never buy a thesaurus from a journalist.
  16. Never buy a rhyming dictionary from a poet.
  17. Never buy intellectual property from an anarchist.
  18. Never fly economy from the national capital.
  19. Never by shoes from a guy with a limp.
  20. Never buy a gun from a guy with a hole in his heart.
  21. Never enrol in a business school with a cash flow problem.
  22. Never enrol in a drama school without a theatre.
  23. Never go to an orthodontist with buck teeth.
  24. Never go to an accountant with a check shirt.
  25. Never go to a lawyer with tattoos.

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Rodney Marks

I’m an Australian comedian, hoax speaker and corporate impostor. I mainly present comic hoaxes at business events. If you like these blogs, you’ll like my live comedy. If you don’t like these blogs, you still might like my live comedy.

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