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Happy customers!

Really appreciate your performance – it was exactly right for the event, and was very well received.

Julian Cappe – Practice Leader Retail and Business Banking, ICG: Internal Consulting Group, 13 December 2017

Here’s what one of our clients said in an email….

“I can’t stop laughing about your guest speaker – what a great idea! His book is hilarious.”

Errol Joseph – Director, Pari Passu – corporate finance, 6 December 2017

Hi … Prof Cherry,

On behalf of the Management Committee I want to thank you very much for last night. A good time was had by all. If I receive any requests for refunds because they feel we got them there under false pretences, I’ll surely pass them on!

I’m still in disbelief as to how many people thought you were the real thing, despite your inane answers … sorry Prof – “at Harvard we believe in systems within systems within systems until everything becomes so systemic, even systematic”. Or when I asked you “How could Australia be more like the U.S.?” Didn’t that bring the house down.

It just demonstrates the power of frames … a very useful lesson for RA and for the issues we’re addressing.

Graham Kenny – Founder/President, Reinvent Australia, 30 November 2017

[Questionnaire: “How was Rodney received by your audience?”]

Extremely well. Audience was totally engaged .. With many post event comments that the event will be talked about for years to come.

Stefano Masiello – Marketing A/NZ, Anaplan – software, 11 October 2017

A brief but important note of thanks for your efforts last night. Feedback from all was that they enjoyed the evening and found the “General” most entertaining.

Rajeev Mitroo – RVP & Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand, Anaplan – software, 11 October 2017

(Thank you) for your thought provoking, mind bending and somewhat challenging keynote. The feedback from our delegates is that whilst it took many a long time to understand your content, it was very well received nonetheless once they caught up! Of course, I was also grateful that your address did not focus too much on any one topic or person, particularly not myself. It was just the right celebration of “famous” people as you previously advised.

Thank you again. I would be very pleased to provide a testimonial or reference support if ever required.

Leigh Clarke – Executive Officer, Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association, 6 October 2017

Well played again yesterday! The team were still talking about it last night at dinner.

Michael Heffernan – Chief Executive Officer, Australia & New Zealand, Campus Living Villages 12 September 2017

And we are immensely grateful that you were able to provide the gravitas and Harvard aplomb our frolic required. Rodney, shall we offer to run the nation?

Love and fishes,

Robyn Williams – “The Science Show” ABC Radio 14 August 2017

It was an excellent night, very much due to your contribution, Rodney.

The Reverend Andrew Sempell – Rector, St James’ Church, Sydney, The Australian Club, 23 June 2017

You are a very good man, so thankyou. Official letter to come, but a pleasure as always to work with you.

Peter Jones, MD, Peter Jones Special Events, Excellerate Australia – Engineering Co-operative Research Centre, 10 May, 2017

It was a pleasure to meet you also and a real treat to have Prof. Dr. Eggenberger be a part of our celebration. I thought your performance was amazing!

I also received a lot of wonderful feedback from our guests about the evening and in particular the entertainment. The audience loved your performance, well done!

I will definitely recommend your act to others and hope you to work with you again in the future.

Patricia Chronis – Events, Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator, Excellerate Australia, 10 May, 2017

Thanks again for a great performance!

Jacqueline King – Communications Manager, Excellerate Australia

I really enjoyed your performance. In fact it’s been my favourite dinner speech on the course. There have been many discussions about it from quite different perspectives amongst the cohort.

Tim Scholes – Executive MBA student & Head of Software Architecture, Qantas Assure

Thank you again for working with us this year. Everyone was surprised and it got them all thinking. We’ll have to watch out for paybacks in future modules though!!

Lucy Commis – Program Coordinator, Executive MBA – Management Education, University of Sydney, 14 February, 2017

Thank you for your contribution to our conference. You were the icing on the cake.  28 July 2016

Fred Gennaoui – Conference Co-convenor and Foundation President 50 years’ earlier (1966),

Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management


We got very positive feedback – well done!

Kevin John – Conference Co-convenor, and Immediate Past President NSW/ACT

Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management


They loved you – the whole event was a success and Fred even sent me a message saying it was the best conference dinner in all his (50) years – so for Fred I think that is something. Thank you again for doing a great job. Great to work with you.

Michelle Prideaux, Prideaux Entertainment – Event Producer

The feedback we have received regarding Monsieur Roland de Heye’s presentation has been outstanding!  18 June 2016

Ann Dally JP – President, Australian Marriage Celebrants


I agree, it was great – thank you so much – let’s stay in touch.

Chris Hale – Vice President

Australian Marriage Celebrants

Good Morning Commissioner:

We are back safely ensconced in our Sydney office (still opposite each other the wrong way round) and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to write and thank you for your delivery in Melbourne on Monday evening. The whole evening turned out to be exactly what we had hoped for with a balance of refinement, wit and camaraderie. Your presentation and the sting were terrific and many advisers were still talking about the following morning. Without doubt it worked as we all wanted! Hopefully we will have cause to enjoy each other’s company again, if you are ever wandering around the city looking for a lunch companion let me know I’d love to keep in touch.

8 June 2016

Ian Knox

Managing Director, Paragem

We’re so pleased with how it went – it was perfect to end the day on a lighter note.

Helen Copp – Head of Communications and Creative Services, BFS Central, Macquarie Group


(via LinkedIn) You were AMAZING! Thank you so much for joining us today. I get the feeling people will be talking

about your presentation for quite some time. It was the most engaged I’ve seen that audience for a long, long time.

Simone Kilby – Internal Communications Manager, Macquarie Group

19 May 2016

Thanks, Arlo. Team loved it! Particularly Ross (the CEO).  17 May 2016


Emily Holborow

Group Marketing and Communications Manager, Corporate, UGL

Thanks for a fantastic performance Rodney, everyone enjoyed it immensely!!

It was a pleasure, both working with you and talking with you. You are a consummate professional who I’ll gladly recommend to anyone. The emails from the APJ execs are flying around this morning and are full of complements for you and also for Clive and I for pulling of the big secret. Matt says he will never trust us again (ever).  16 May 2016

Darren Reynolds, Head of Cloud Solutions, Telco and Service Providers, EMC2

Darren Reynolds

Head of Cloud Solutions, Telco and Service Providers, EMC2

From your lunch mate Tim Storrier’s wife: “U totally got Tim. He said there was a very interesting Finnish academic and he is not believing me :-)”.

Robbie Waterhouse – bookmaker


You did a great job, fooled Tim Storrier!  9 May 2016

Pennie Psaltis, Robbie Waterhouse’s personal assistant

The presentations went well. The team enjoyed them.

Eddie MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Clark Rubber Franchising


Really enjoyed our time together. Great fun. Received many positive comments from our franchisees about Phillip de Poole. Thank you for helping us create a really positive conference.  20 April 2016

Des Carroll, General Manager – Sales, Clark Rubber Franchising

What a wonderful job, and thanks so much … a great  contribution, very hard to top!  29 January 2016

Yvonne Howie, Chief Executive – NSW, The CEO Institute

We had a fabulous night, we weren’t sure what to expect but our apprehensions went straight out the window once you got up and people started laughing. It truly was an experience to remember.  27 November 2015

Amanda Winton

Product Manager, Ergo Asia

That was excellent, thank you Rodney!!

Well done! Some people said they worked it out with the Casanova joke!

It was indeed great fun and there were lots of laughs from the delegates the following day regarding your presentation!!

Apparently the Veda guy who asked you during the first question “is this presentation going anywhere?” really hadn’t worked out that you were a hoax speaker!  12 November 2015

Rebecca Murray, Head of Member Services and Consumer Affairs, Australian Retail Credit Association (ARCA)

The best medicine?


“That was so funny, I had to borrow my girlfriend’s puffer. I thought I was going to die!”

Sue Johnston – Account Management, Support, Sofico Services Australia.  27 May 2015