How does Rodney perform a comic hoax?

Rodney arrives at an event – in character – and works the room, schmoozing with attendees. If it is a conference, he will attend a seminar, and ask a question; if it is a dinner, he will attend pre-dinner drinks. This mixing and mingling establishes the credibility of Rodney’s comic character. At some agreed point, often advertised in the program, he will be called to a lectern to deliver a keynote address. The audience still does not know that he is a hoax speaker.

At the conclusion of the speech, the performance continues with a Q&A session. These questions are not set up. Those in-the-know about the hoax are observers. This time gives other funny people in the group a chance to have some revenge … not really on the corporate impostor – Rodney – but on those who booked him.